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ett ord
1. a word; 2. [välj dina ~!] mind your language! mind what you say! 3. [att slå efter ett ~] to look up a word (e.g. in a dictionary)
political (loan word)
att välja
to choose
1. you, you two, you guys (plural, object); 2. yourselves
att förstå
to understand
ett inlägg
1. a contribution (to a discussion), a post, a comment (e.g. online); 2. an insert, an inlay (shoe); 3. a cross (football)
ett ägg
1. an egg; 2. [hur kokar man ~?] how do you boil an egg?
ett te
1. a tea; 2. [låta ~et stå och dra] let the tea draw, let the tea brew
att spela
1. to play (also instrument, sport); 2. to perform, to act; to show (e.g. movie at cinema); 3. [det ~r ingen roll] it doesn't matter, it makes no difference
så att
so that
1. equally, alike, in the same way; 2. (used in comparisons when two things are similar or the same) [han är ~ lång som du] he's just as tall as you, he's the same height as you
att hitta
1. to find sth.; 2. (intransitive) to find or know your way to somewhere
ett tag
1. a grip, a hold; 2. a stroke; 3. a pull; 4. a while; 5. [att få ~ i/på] to get hold of; 6. [det var ett ~ sen] it was a while ago; 7. [att ta ~ i ngt. eller ngn] to tackle, to get to grips with
att dra
1. to pull, to draw; 2. to take away, take, consume; 3. to tell (a story etc.); 6. to leave; 7. [att ~ sig] to move; 8. [inte ~ sig för att göra ngt] to not hesitate to do sth., to not be afraid to do sth., to not mind doing sth.; 9. [att ~ sig för] to dislike sth.
att leda
to lead
1. gladly, readily, willingly; 2. [hon badar ~] she likes going for a swim; 3. [du kan lika ~ göra det själv] you might as well do it yourself
1. anyway, nonetheless; 2. however, 3. [men ~ ...] but still ...; 4. [~ bättre] even better
ett förslag
a proposal, a suggestion
att lyckas
to succeed
1. besides, as well; 2. furthermore, moreover, in addition
ett område
1. an area, a zone, a territory (in real sense); 2. grounds, property; 3. a field, a domain (as in special subject)
en lag
a law
att lära
1. to teach; 2. [att ~ sig] to learn, to teach oneself sth.
att sätta
1. to sit down (reflexive); 2. to place (sth. somewhere); 3. to set, e.g. an alarm clock; 4. [att ~ betyg] to mark or grade a test