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creative (loan word)
till dess
1. till then, until then; 2. by then, by that time
intensive (loan word)
1. thus; 2. [~ talade Zarathustra] "Thus spoke Zarathustra", a book by Friedrich Nietzsche
att roa
to amuse
att understryka
to underline
ett glas
a glass
ett album
an album (loan word)
ett territorium
a territory (loan word)
att möjliggöra
to make possible, to enable
en fördelning
1. a distribution; 2. an allocation; 3. a division
en folkomröstning
a referendum (not a loan word)
ett skede
a period, a stage (not a loan word)
att markera
to mark (loan word)
att skaka
to shake
en sten
a stone
en vagn
1. a wagon, a carriage; 2. [barn~] a pram, a baby carriage, a stroller
att värna
1. [att ~ om] to defend, protect, safeguard (e.g. one's reputation)
ghastly, frightful, terrible (not: "fruktansvärd)
criminal (loan word)
1. objective, factual, concrete; 2. unbiased, neutral, dispassionate, unemotional; 3. matter-of-fact (not a loan word)
1. present, in attendance, at; 2. [~ vid mötet] present at the meeting
automatically (loan word)
att skämma
1. [att ~ bort någon] to spoil someone (e.g. children), to pamper someone (e.g. a partner); 2. [att ~ ut någon] to disgrace someone; 3. [att ~ ut sig] to disgrace oneself
att vittna
1. to testify, to give evidence in court (as a witness); 2. to witness sth.