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att spendera
to spend (loan word)
att ansvara
to be responsible, to take responsibility, to be in charge
ett ledarskap
a leadership
att trivas
to feel at home, to be comfortable, to thrive
en figur
a figure (loan word)
en bygd
1. a region, a district; 2. a village; 3. [en ~egård] a community centre
en spridning
a spread
successful (in the sense of sth. going well, e.g. an event of some kind)
att le
to smile
en betalning
a payment
att oroa
1. to worry, to bother, to disturb; 2. [att ~ sig för något] to worry about sth.; 3. [inget att ~ sig för] nothing to worry about
ett lov
1. a leave, a holiday; 2. a leave, a permission'; 3. a praise; [sommar~, bygg~, Gud ske ~]
1. opposite (in figurative sense, not a preposition of place); 2. [det ~a könet] the opposite sex
att knyta
to knot, to tie
från och med nu
from now on, henceforth
en rekommendation
a recommendation (loan word)
en ansträngning
an effort
ett institut
an institute (loan word)
en kritiker
a critic (loan word)
1. moderately conservative; 2. referring to the political party, "~a Samlingspartiet" (loan word)
data (loan word)
ett hörn
a corner
1. domestic, home, native, indigenous; 2. inland, internal
en öl
a beer