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en ängel
an angel
1. only, merely (formal); 2. [det är ett minne ~] it is but a memory; 3. [~ och bart] purely and simply
att förhålla sig
1. to behave, to conduct oneself; 2. to relate to (math.)
1. completely; 2. [jag inser ~ att] I fully realize that, I am fully aware that
en park
1. a park; 2. [lek~] children's outdoor playground (loan word)
ett regelverk
a set of rules and regulations
en nackdel
a disadvantage
ett vittne
a witness
light-coloured, pale, fair
knowingly, deliberately
en gas
1. a gas (not as in petroleum); 2. (loan word)
att tipsa
to tip off (loan word)
en våldtäkt
a rape
att boka
1. to book; 2. [att ~ tid hos någon] to make an appointment with someone
sådan här
like this
ecological (loan word)
att återfinna
1. to find again, to retrieve; 2. to recover
att överge
to abandon
en ockupation
1. an occupation (of territory, in war, or of a house, as in squatting); 2. [USA:s olagliga ~ av Irak] the USA’s illegal occupation of Iraq (loan word)
att bringa
1. to bring (usually used metaphorically); 2. [att ~ ordning i något] to put in order, to put right
att hylla
to praise, to celebrate, to hail
en sammanfattning
a summary
en liberal
a liberal (loan word)