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en graf
a graph (loan word)
ett slott
a castle
ett anspråk
1. a claim, a demand; 2. [att ta i ~] to make demands on (e.g. one's time); 4. [som tar tio av dagens timmar i ~] which takes up ten hours of every workday
en motsättning
1. an opposition; 2. an antagonism; 3. a divergence, a difference
ett byte
1. an exchange, a barter, a substitution; 2. booty, loot, prey, a haul; 3. a byte (computing)
en logik
a logic (loan word)
att resonera
1. to discuss, to talk; 2. to argue, to reason (loan word)
ett tempel
a temple (loan word)
en krönika
1. an opinion piece, a commentary on sth. (in education, print media)
att tillbringa
to spend (time)
en kopia
a copy (loan word)
en instans
an authority, a higher court, an instance (loan word)
en företagare
a company owner
ett medlemskap
a membership
1. real, actual, virtual, true; 2. proper; 3. [i ordets ~a bemärkelse] in the true sense of the word
en landsbygd
a countryside, country (as in "town or country")
en integration
an integration (loan word)
en gest
a gesture (loan word)
att längta
1. to long, to yearn for sth.; 2. [att ~ efter någon] to miss someone
en föreskrift
1. a regulation, an instruction; 2. a prescription, a command, an order
generally (loan word)
ett konto
an account (loan word)
the more (combined with "desto")