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då och då
from time to time
att ryka
1. to smoke, to give off smoke; 2. to reek; 3. to steam, to be piping hot
en reglering
a regulation (loan word)
ett paket
1. a package, parcel, packet; 2. [ett ~ mjölk] a carton of milk
att bete sig
to behave (oneself)
collective (loan word)
en fotograf
a photographer (loan word)
1. kind; 2. friendly; 3. obliging
en hemlighet
a secret, a privacy
administrative (loan word)
att dansa
to dance
ett tillägg
an addition
ett fordon
a vehicle
att nöja sig
to be content, satisfied, happy
att kliva
1. to take a step into or out of somewhere; 2. to step, to tread (on something)
en bro
a bridge
ett mandat
a mandate (loan word)
en inledning
1. an introduction, beginning, foreword (to a book etc)
ett införande
1. an introduction; 2. an entry, an insertion; 3. an initiation, a familiarisation
att antyda
to hint, to suggest
att innefatta
1. to include; 2. to consist of
att kommunicera
to communicate (loan word)
practically (loan word)
en förmån
1. an advantage, a benefit; 2. a privilege