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en motivering
1. a motivation, a reason, a justification, a rationale; 2. an explanation, an explanatory statement (loan word)
en tystnad
a silence
en valuta
a currency
att genomgå
to go through
en nåd
1. a mercy, a grace, a favour; 2. [på ~er] on sufferance; 3. [att leva på ~er hos någon] to live on s.o.'s charity
en redaktion
an editorial staff
external (loan word)
en sfär
a sphere (loan word)
ett flygplan
an airplane
en kamrat
1. a comrade; 2. [mina klass~er] my classmates; 3. [dina arbets~er] your workmates, your colleagues
en premiärminister
a prime minister (used for heads of government outside the Nordic countries)
en botten
1. a bottom; 2. a ground; 3. a soil; 4. [den låg på havets ~] it lay at the bottom of the sea
western (political term referring to the industrialised countries of the world)
en skala
a scale (loan word)
en utsikt
1. a view (of scenery); 2. an outlook, a prospect, a chance
att besegra
to defeat
att utfärda
to issue
att stimulera
to stimulate (loan word)
energetic, strong, emphatic
att utöka
to enlarge, to increase, to expand
att angripa
1. to attack, to assault; 2. to affect, to be affected by; 3. to tackle (e.g. a problem)
ett utseende
an appearance (how s.o. or sth. looks)
en promenad
1. a walk; 2. [att ta en ~] to go for a walk
ett universum
a universe (loan word)
usually (ends with "-vis")