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en pensionär
a pensioner (loan word)
ready, prepared
en järnväg
a railway
1. even, level, smooth; 2. regular, constant; 3. even (maths), rounded up; 4. [ha ~a pengar] to have the exact amount, the right change
ett utbyte
1. an exchange, a replacement; 2. profits, proceeds; 3. a result, an outcome; 4. a benefit
en öppenhet
an openness
en grundval
1. a foundation, a basis (in metaphorical sense); 2. [skakas i sina ~ar] shaken to its foundations; 3. [på ~ av] on the basis of
att attackera
to attack, to pester, to molest (loan word)
att slita
1. to wear out; 2. to tear, to pull, to sever, to break; 3. to work hard
en förskola
a preschool
previous (the one that went before)
att föreskriva
to prescribe, to dictate
en inspiration
an inspiration (loan word)
en anhängare
1. a believer, an adherent; 2. an advocate; 3. a supporter, a follower, a fan
att hyra
to hire
en kärna
1. a core, an essence, the central part of sth.; 2. a seed, a pip, a stone, a kernel (of fruit); 3. a (butter) churn
1. on the whole, at all; 2. [om han ~ kommer ] if he comes at all
att löpa
1. to run (also competitively); 2. to move, to go, to travel; 3. to be on heat (animals)
ett blad
1. a leaf, a petal; 2. a sheet (of paper), a newspaper; 3. a blade (of knife)
en gårdag
1. a yesterday; 2. the previous day, the day before
att tillföra
1. to take or bring (sth.) (to somewhere); 2. to provide s.b. or sth. with something (that is needed); 3. to contribute sth. (useful)
en trovärdighet
a credibility
ett varv
a lap, a round
en värdighet
a dignity
en dans
a dance