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en osäkerhet
an uncertainty
ett flyg
1. a flight; 2. flying, aviation; 3. [med ~] by plane, by air
en vana
1. a habit, a custom; 2. experience, practice; 3. [kassa~] experience as a cashier, experience using a cashtill
en spänning
1. a tension, excitement, suspense; 2. voltage, tension (electricity); 3. strain, stress (technical term)
ett anfall
1. a fit, a bout (of hysterics, gout etc.); 2. an attack, an assault; 3. [~ är bästa försvar] attack is the best defence
att utarbeta
1. to draw up, to prepare, to compose (a document); 2. to work out (a plan)
att skrämma
to scare
en nyckel
a key
en skribent
a writer
en garanti
a guarantee, a warranty (loan word)
slowly, gently
att tillsätta
1. to appoint s.o. to a position; 2. to set up (a committe); 3. to add (sth. to sth., while cooking)
en tvekan
1. a doubt; 2. a hesitation; 3. an uncertainty
en tand
1. a tooth; 2. [~ställning] braces
att yrka
1. to demand sth.; 2. to insist on sth.; 3. to claim for sth.; 4. [att ~ på ersättning] to claim compensation
grateful, thankful
att tävla
to compete (usually used for sporting competitions)
att utbilda
1. to train, to educate; 2. [att ~ sig för läkaryrket] to get a qualification as a medical doctor
ett hemland
a homeland, native country, home country
out of
att avvisa
to reject, to turn away, to turn down
potential (loan word)