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ett skepp
(in Sweden) a water vessel which is at least 12m long and 4m wide
en utgång
1. an exit, a way out; 2. an expiration; 3. [en ~sdatum] an expiry date (food, credit card); 4. a result, an outcome
1. direct, immediate; 2. [med ~ verkan] with immediate effect
en partner
a partner (loan word)
reliable, big, strong
en kapacitet
a capacity (loan word)
ett genomsnitt
an average
1. worthy; 2. dignified
ett gymnasium
a high school, now called "gymnasieskola"
att umgås
to socialise with, to hang out with
ett knä
1. a knee; 2. a lap; 3. [att ha ett barn i ~t ] to have a child sitting on your lap
ett element
1. a radiator; 2. an element (loan word)
1. peaceful, without violence or conflict; 2. [en ~ lösning på konflikten] a peaceful solution to the conflict
slim, thin, narrow in size
en gubbe
1. an old man; 2. [att gå mot röd ~] to cross at the red man
att arrangera
to arrange, to set up (loan word)
en skugga
a shadow
att pressa
to press (loan word)
en självständighet
1. (an) independence; 2. the ability to do things by yourself
the same
1. ultimate, final; 2. [~ skatt] final tax
ett tvivel
1. a doubt; [bortom varje rimligt ~] beyond all reasonable doubt
att fälla
1. to knock down, to fell; 2. to shed, to moult; 3. to convict; 4. [att ~ en dom] to pass a sentence, to pass judgement
att smaka
to taste