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1. next; 2. [~ intill] close, near; 3. [~ sista plats] second to last, last but one; 4. [~ största staden] the second biggest city
ett utbud
1. a range (of goods offered); 2. a supply; 3. a choice, selection; 4. [~ och efterfrågan] supply and demand
en opinion
1. a public opinion; 2. [~en har svängt] public opinion has shifted (loan word)
att värdera
1. to value sth., to appreciate sth. (find it important or useful); 2. to evaluate, to assess
1. formal; 2. [~ klädsel] formal clothing (loan word)
wider, broader; further, farther
att fördela
to distribute (not a loan word)
att reducera
to reduce (loan word)
1. usually; 2. [som ~] as usual
ett skadestånd
1. (a) damages; 2. [att begära ~ av någon] to sue someone for damages
att kopiera
1. to copy (something with a photocopier); 2. to transcribe; 3. to print (loan word)
en övergång
a transition
en anhörig
a relative, a relation, a family member, next-of-kin
en ångest
an anxiety
en vakt
1. a watch, a guard; 2. [barn~] babysitter; 3. [en ~hund] a watchdog, a guard dog
att förhandla
to negotiate
att koncentrera
to concentrate (loan word)
en tabell
a table, as in diagram, chart etc. (loan word)
en önskan
a wish
en konsert
a concert (loan word)
en teckning
1. a drawing, a sketch; 2. (in abstract sense) a depiction, a description; 3. (school) art, art education; 4. marking (on animal)