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en plats
1. a place, spot, site, square, room, seat; 2. a situation, job, position; 3. [att ta ~] to take a seat, to sit down; 4. [att bereda ~ för] to make room/space for
1. long (with reference to height or length, not time); 2. tall
att lämna
to leave a place or something
att bygga
to build
en politik
a politics (loan word)
1. earlier; 2. previously (not: "förut")
att kalla
1. to name sth., to call sth.; 2. to call for s.o., to summon s.o.; 3. to appoint s.o.; 4. [vi ~s tiggare] we are called beggars
en peng
a money, a coin
immensely, awfully, very
att leva
1. to live; 2. [Ja, må han ~!] long may he live! (from a famous Swedish birthday song)
att ställa
1. to place sth. in an upright position; 2. to adjust; 3. (reflexive) to behave; 4. to put sth. out of use, to put sth. off till later
att följa
to follow
en vecka
1. a week; 2. [förra ~n] last week; 3. [en gång i ~n] once a week; 4. [nästa ~] next week
att ske
to happen (rather formal, used more in writing than speech)
ett parti
1. a section, a part, a passage; 2. a political party; 3. a lot, a batch, a shipment; 4. a game, a round (of chess, of cards)
att kräva
1. to demand; 2. to claim; 3. [olyckan ~de tre liv] the accident claimed the lives of three people
en utveckling
(a) development
1. actually; 2. really; 3. just; 4. virtually
att ena
1. to unite, to unify; 2. [att ~ sig om] to agree; 3. [~de vi stå söndrade vi falla] united we stand, divided we fall
att svara
1. to answer; 2. [kan du ~ på frågan?] can you answer the question?
down (showing movement)
att fortsätta
to continue
en skola
a school
att bruka
to be used to, to be in the habit of