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ett ideal
an ideal (loan word)
1. vice, deputy; 2. [~ statsminister] deputy prime minister
en hantering
a management, managing, a handling
en målsättning
an objective, a goal (figurative)
att begripa
1. to grasp, to understand; 2. [att ~ sig på] to understand (people)
ett upphov
1. an origin, a source; 2. a cause; 3. a beginning; 4. an idea; 5. [att ge ~ till] to give rise to, to cause sth.
att kränka
1. to insult, offend, hurt; 2. to violate, infringe (e.g. a law)
i morse
this morning (used when the morning is over, from after noon onwards)
en hals
1. a neck, a throat; 2. [jag har ont i ~en] I have a sore throat
en mån
1. a degree, a measure, an extent; 2. [i viss ~] to a certain extent; 3. [i ~ av utrymme] as far as space allows, space permitting
en stam
1. a stem, a tree trunk, a log; 2. family, lineage, tribe; 3. a counterfoil, stub
en journalistik
a journalism (loan word)
en intäkt
a revenue
en bruttonationalprodukt
a gross national product (loan word)
en profil
1. a profile; 2. [att hålla en låg ~] to keep a low profile (loan word)
att krossa
to crush
en partiledare
a leader of a political party
en centimeter
a centimeter (loan word)
att övertyga
to convince s.o.
att sörja
to mourn, to grieve
att inspirera
to inspire (loan word)
en övertygelse
a conviction, sth. you are convinced of