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1. poor (used to express sympathy); 2. [~ liten!] you poor little thing!
en sänkning
a lowering
en potential
a potential (loan word)
ett antagande
an assumption
att tilldela
to assign, to allocate
en biljett
a ticket (loan word from French)
att motsätta sig
to oppose something (sth.), to be against sth., to object to sth.
complex (loan word)
1. hurt, injured; 2. damaged, faulty, defective
en begäran
1. a request; 2. an application; 3. a demand; 4. a petition; 5. [på egen ~] at (one's own) request
en arena
an arena (loan word)
en kust
1. a coast (by the water); 2. [~en är klar] (idiom) the coast is clear
ett åtal
1. a prosecution, an indictment; 2. a legal action; 3. [att väcka ~ mot någon för något] to start legal proceedings
en dimension
a dimension (loan word)
internationally (loan word)
nationally (loan word)
en hållning
1. a posture, i.e. how you hold yourself; 2. an attitude; 3. a behaviour, i.e. how you conduct yourself
en gen
a gene (loan word)
ett lugn
1. a calm; 2. [i ~ och ro] in peace and quiet
att döpa
1. to baptize, to christen; 2. to name, to give a nickname to someone
en fantasi
1. an imagination; 2. a fantasy, a fancy; 3. [~ och verklighet] fact and fiction (loan word)
en spets
1. a pointed tip of something, e.g. a knife, a pencil etc.; 2. a pen nib; 3. a mountain peak
att avsätta
1. to allocate; 2. to dismiss (from job); 3. to deposit; 4. to degrade; 5. to sell; 6. to set off (begin journey)
en fundering
a thought (formal, usually used in plural)
att kombinera
to combine (loan word)