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att yttra
1. to utter, to say, to comment; 2. to express; 3. [att ~ sig] a) to express one's opinion on sth., to comment on sth.; b) to manifest itself
en minskning
a decrease
en axel
a shoulder
att försämra
to worsen, to make worse
en motor
1. a motor, an engine; 2. [att slå av ~n] to switch off the engine
i och med
as a result of, since
en konstruktion
1. a construction, a construct, a design; 2. an invention, a device (loan word)
ett arkiv
an archive (loan word)
ett äventyr
an adventure (loan word)
1. oh, oh dear!; 2. wow!, my!; 3. ow!
en humor
1. a sense of humour; 2. [han har ingen ~] he has no sense of humour
en like
an equal
en paragraf
1. a section; 2. a paragraph, an article, a clause in a legal text (loan word)
att odla
to cultivate, to grow
ett erbjudande
an offer
att vidga
1. to widen, to expand, to broaden; 2. [att ~ sina vyer] to broaden one’s perspectives, to widen one’s horizons; 3. [att ~ sig] to dilate, to widen, to expand
en volym
a volume
att motsätta sig
to oppose sth., to be against sth., to object to sth.
ett missbruk
an abuse, an addiction
att utvidga
1. to expand (a business); 2. to extend, make bigger (a building); 3. [vi har ~t sortimentet] we have extended our product range
1. best, preferably, instead; 2. as soon as possible
en uppmaning
1. an invitation; 2. an urgent request; 3. [på hennes ~] at her insistence
en kram
1. a hug, an embrace; 2. [puss och ~] hugs and kisses
att intervjua
to interview (loan word)