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ett livsmedel
1. (a) groceries; 2. [~sbutik nära mig] grocery store near me
en anklagelse
an accusation, a charge (legal term)
att cykla
to cycle
en samordning
a co-ordination (not a loan word)
unfortunately (not: "tyvärr")
en företeelse
1. an occurrence; 2. a phenomenon; 3. a fact; 4. [en vanlig ~] a common occurrence; 5. [en sällsynt ~] a rare phenomenon, a rare occurrence
att offra
1. to sacrifice; 2. [att ~ sig] to sacrifice oneself
ett lager
1. a stock, a store, a warehouse; 2. a layer, a coat, a stratum; 3. (plant) a laurel; 4. [så länge ~ret räcker] while stocks last
ett arbetsliv
a working life
bright, brilliant (in literal and metaphorical sense)
ett bränsle
a fuel
en finanskris
a financial crisis (loan word)
gott om
plenty of
en medeltid
(a) Middle Ages
en strävan
1. a striving, an aspiration, an ambition; 2. an effort, an endeavour; 3. a tendency
en hastighet
a speed
en kö
1. a queue, a line; 2. [att sitta i bil~] to be stuck in a traffic jam; 3. a billiard cue
ett medvetande
1. a consciousness (i.e. being awake); 2. [att förlora ~ ] to lose consciousness; 2. an awareness of sth.
en producent
a producer (loan word)
så pass
1. about so, that; 2. [men ~ mycket kan jag säga dig] but this much I can tell you
ett vetande
1. a knowing, a knowledge; 2. a judgement; 3. a learning; 4. [mot bättre ~] against (my, his, her, our etc.) better judgement
i mitten av
in the middle of
1. suchlike, the like, that sort of thing; 2. [eller ~t] etcetera, and so on, or suchlike; 3. [och ~t] and the like