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att installera
to install (loan word)
att utge
1. to publish, to bring out; 2. (reflexive) to pass oneself as sth.
en förberedelse
a preparation
en fördom
a prejudice
particularly, extremely
i närheten av
in the vicinity of, near to
ett åtagande
an obligation, an undertaking
att tillkännage
to announce (not a loan word)
ett kaos
a chaos (loan word)
en mästare
a master, a champion
att utmana
to challenge, to dare
en drift
1. an operation, a management, 2. an instinct, an urge
ett hundratal
1. a hundred, about a hundred; 2. [efter ett ~ meter] after about a hundred metres
en måne
a moon
att bita
to bite
en hjälte
a hero
att skänka
1. to give, to donate; 2. [att ~ bort] to give away
significant, important, full of meaning
ett synsätt
1. a way of seeing things, an approach; 2. [ett ~ på livet] an approach to life, a way of looking at life
en ström
1. a current (water, electricity); 2. a stream (water, also figurative)
att förse
1. to equip; 2. to provide
en mätning
a measurement, a measuring
1. solid (wood); 2. massive (loan word)