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vem som helst
anybody, anyone; whoever, whomever
att förverkliga
to realize, to make real
en prioritering
a prioritising (loan word)
att vistas
1. to stay; 2. to reside, to live in a country for a long period (formal)
en depression
1. a depression, can be mental or economic (loan word)
en effektivitet
an efficiency, an effectiveness, an efficacy (loan word)
indoor(s), inside
yet, nevertheless
en blandning
a mixture, a mix, a blend
att datera
to determine the age of something, to date something (loan word)
en final
a final (loan word)
thick, fat
att erövra
to conquer, capture, win
en höger
1. a right, a right-hand direction; 2. a right-wing, conservative political party; 3. a right hook, a right-hand punch
en sträcka
1. a distance; 2. a stretch of road
att vaka
to watch, to keep watch
en bomb
a bomb (loan word)
en tår
a tear
en fackförening
a trade union, a labour union, a professional association
en placering
a placing, a placement (loan word)
1. principle, main, chief; 2. [ ~ sysselsättning] main occupation
ett avfall
a rubbish, trash, waste, refuse