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gigantic (loan word)
en väntan
1. a wait, waiting; 2. an expectation; 3. a suspense; 4. [i ~ på] while waiting for
en turnering
a tournament (loan word)
en uppvärmning
1. a warm-up (sport); 2. a heating system (e.g. in a house)
ett djup
a depth
en praxis
1. a custom, a practice (in the sense of a tradition); 2. [enligt allmän ~ ] according to common custom (loan word)
okay (loan word)
maximal (loan word)
en konstitution
1. a constitution (not in legal sense); 2. a state of health (loan word)
unbelievable, incredible
terrible (not: "hemsk")
att straffa
to punish
1. so-so, not too good; 2. like that; 3. [hur mår du? - ~] how are you? - not too good
en nödvändighet
a necessity
ett medlemsland
a member country
en översyn
an overhaul, a revision
en front
a front, can be used in figurative and military sense (loan word)
att fördöma
to condemn, to speak out against
1. visible; 2. [inga ~a skådor] no visible injuries
1. lovely, nice (often used in spoken Swedish) 2. [det skulle sitta ~] that would be lovely!
en skapelse
a creation
att rasa
1. to collapse, to fall apart, to fall to pieces; 2. [hela hennes värld ~de samman] her whole world fell apart
1. effective; 2. active, in operation, working; 3. [han var under många år ~ i Hamburg] he worked in Hamburg for many years (not a loan word)
att avlida
to die, to pass away, to decease