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1. the last (day, minute, row of seats etc.); 2. [~ minuten-flyg] last-minute flights
en ätt
a dynasty, a lineage, a family
att sluta
1. to stop (doing sth.); 2. to come to an end, to end; 3. [att ~ röka] to stop smoking
en verksamhet
an activity, an operation, a business
en rätt
1. a dish, a course of a meal, [en för~, en efter~] a starter, a dessert; 2. a right, (a) justice; 3. a law, a law court
at the same time
1. [mitt ~] opposite, facing; 2. [inte mig ~] I don't have anything against it; 3. against; 4. [för eller ~ dödsstraff] for or against the death penalty
ett stöd
1. a support; 2. [med ~ av] with the support of, with the help of
en familj
a family
who (e.g. in questions)
att åka
to go by car, bus or plane
att betala
to pay
en kommun
a municipality, a local authority
ett resultat
a result
att utveckla
to develop
att föra
to bring, to transport
att hjälpa
to help
near, nearly
en text
a text
ett exempel
an example
especially, particularly (not a loan word)
en debatt
a debate
när det gäller
1. as far as (x) is concerned, in terms of (x), when it comes to (x)