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1. about, approximately (only used with numbers); 2. [~ tre veckor], about three weeks
en tur
1. a luck, fortune; 2. a turn (when playing a game); 3. a trip, tour, outing; 4. [att ha ~] to be lucky; 5. [ni hade ~ tur med vädret] you were lucky with the weather
en polis
1. a police, a police officer; 2. [hon jobbar som ~] she works as a policewoman
ett medium
a medium (loan word)
1. low; 2. [~stadiet] elementary school, primary school (first three years of school in Sweden)
1. each other; 2. [känner ni ~?] do you guys know each other?
en mun
1. a mouth; 2. [att dra på ~nen] to smile slightly; 3. [en ~ kaffe] a mouthful of coffee; 3. [prata bredvid ~en] to give away a secret
ett ansvar
a responsibility
en roll
1. a role; 2. [det spelar ingen ~] it doesn’t matter, it’s not important, it's not relevant
en regel
1. a rule; 2. [att följa ~erna] to follow the rules
att prata
1. to speak, to prattle; 2. [att små~] to chat, to engage in small talk
en organisation
an organisation (loan word)
en medlem
1. a member; 2. [ett ~sland] a member country
att fråga
1. to ask; 2. [får jag ~ en sak?] may I ask you something?; 3. [att ~ sig] to wonder, to ask oneself
att anmäla
1. to announce s.o.; to report sth./s.o. (lost, missing, to an authority of some kind), to notify; 2. [att ~ sig] to sign up for, to apply for, to register for sth.
att nå
1. to reach, to get to, to attain; 2. to achieve, to arrive at; [numret kan inte ~s för närvarande] this number cannot be reached at the moment
att bo
1. to live, to dwell; 2. [hur länge har du ~tt i Sverige?] how long have you lived in Sweden?
en krona
1. a crown; 2. SEK, Swedish currency; 3. [~ eller klave] heads or tails (phrase used when tossing a coin)
att stämma
1. to be right, to be correct; 2. [det ~er!] that's right!; 3. to correspond, to agree, to tally; 4. to tune (an instrument); 5. to stem, to check
en rättighet
1. a right, a legal entitlement; 2. [mänskliga ~er] human rights; 3. [restaurang med fullständiga ~er] fully-licensed restaurant
1. since; 2. [~ dess] since then; 3. for; 4. [han är bortrest ~ en vecka ] he’s been away for a week
1. behind; 2. [~ ratten] behind the wheel of a vehicle
efter att
1. after; 2. [~ ha + past participle] after having + past participle; 3. [~ ha bott utomlands i många år] after having lived abroad for many years
1. therewith, thereby; 2. with that; 3. [och ~ var det slut] and that was the end of it (not formal in Swedish)