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1. too, also, as well; [jag ~!] me too!; 3. [det tycker jag ~] I think so too; 4. [ge mig dem ~] give me those as well; 5. [är du~?] are you with me? Do you understand?
ett hus
1. a house; 2. [ett par~] a semi-detached house, a duplex
en vän
1. a friend; 2. [goda ~ner] good friends
att dela
1. to divide, to split up, to cut up; 2. to share; 3. [att ~ sig] to divide, to separate, to branch off; 4. [att ~ med sig av något åt andra] to share something with others
1. shortly, briefly; 2. [~ sagt] in short, to cut a long story short
en grund
1. a foundation (in the sense of sth. lying under sth. else), foundations, ground; 2. a basis, a reason, a ground, a motive, a cause; 3. [på goda ~er] for good reasons
1. round; 2. [~ hörnet] round the corner; 3. [året ~] all year round
en framtid
a future
att köra
1. to drive (a car, etc.); 2. [då ~ vi] let’s go
en etikett
a label
1. free (without sth); 2. [gluten~] gluten-free
ett behov
1. a need, a requirement; 2. [vid ~] when necessary, as required; 3. [för framtida ~] for future needs
en timme
1. an hour; 2. a lesson (e.g. school); 3. a period (school); 4. [små~arna] the small hours, the wee hours
att hoppas
to hope
1. alone; 2. lonely; 3. [sedan min hustru dog lever jag ~] since my wife died I live alone
1. rightly, correctly; 2. [att handla ~] to do the right thing; 3. [om jag har förstått ~] if I have understood correctly (adverb)
att förklara
1. to explain; 2. to declare, to state
en ledning
1. a leadership, a management (upper levels of a company), a command; 2. a guidance; 3. a lead (also in sport), a clue; 4. a cable, a wire, a line, a pipe (in connection with utilities); 6. [att dra ~ar] to wire a house
ett intresse
1. an interest (in sth.); 2. [ett musik~] an interest in music
att tvinga
to force
att påverka
to influence, to affect
en anledning
1. a reason; 2. [av någon ~] for some reason, for no particular reason; 3. [~ till något] (a) cause of sth.; 4. [att ge ~ till] to give occasion to, to cause, to lead to