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att titta
to look, to watch something
att minska
to decrease, make smaller in size
i alla fall
in any case
1. on the other hand; 2. however; 3. on the contrary
directly, in a direct way or manner (loan word)
en ekonomi
1. an economy (e.g. of a country); 2. financial situation, finances (e.g. of an individual or family); 3. [oavsett familjens ~] regardless of the family's finances
att bestämma
1. to fix, to determine; 2. to prescribe; 3. to decide (on) sth.; 4. (reflexive) to decide; 5. [att ~ blodgruppen] to determine s.o.'s blood group
att skicka
1. to send; 2. [jag ~ar ett mess] I’ll send you a text (message)
in spite of, despite (followed by a noun)
en åsikt
1. an opinion, a viewpoint; 2. [vi har olika ~er] we have differing opinions
en diskussion
a discussion (loan word)
en rad
1. a row, line, series, succession (e.g. words on paper, seats in a theatre, cars in traffic, pearls on a necklace); 2. [ett ~hus] a row house (USA), a terraced house (UK)
ett faktum
1. a fact; 2. [ett fullbordat ~] a fait accompli (loan word)
en tidning
a newspaper
en mening
1. an opinion; 2. an intention, a purpose, a point; 3. a meaning; 4. a sentence (as in a series of words)
1. outside; 2. [jag väntar ~ huset] I’m waiting outside the house
1. right correct; 2. [det är ~] that's right, that's correct; 3. [allt på sin ~a plats] everything in its proper place (adjective)
common, mutual
1. ready, finished, done; 2. settled, arranged; 3. clear, transparent; 4. obvious; 5. [~a, färdiga, gå!] ready, set, go! On your marks, get set, go!
en is
an ice, frozen water
en bil
a car
en myndighet
1. an authority, a power; 2. the age of majority
ett nummer
1. a number; 2. an issue, a copy (e.g. of magazine); 3. a size (e.g. shoes); 4. [att slå ett ~] to dial a number
1. common, widespread; 2. general, universal; 3. current; 4. public (in sense of sth. that belongs to society in general)