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en musik
a music (loan word)
att ändra
1. to change, to alter; 2. to shift; 3. to correct, to amend, to revise; 4. to transform; 5. [att ~ en klänning] to alter a dress; 6. [att ~ sig] to change one's mind
att träffa
1. to meet (s.o.); 2. to hit, to strike sth.
1. together, jointly (not: "tillsammans" or "samman")
att diskutera
to discuss (loan word)
att driva
1. to run a business; 2. to operate a machine; 3. to move slowly, to drift; 4. to force, push, to move sth. with force; 5. [~er du med mig?] are you making fun of me?
att sälja
to sell
att sakna
1. to lack sth., to not have sth.; 2. to miss (a person); 3. to not be able to find sth.
ett program
a program (loan word)
1. from, down, away; 2. [var~ kommer du?] where do you come from?; 3. [att lägga ~ sig] to put sth. down/away, to leave sth. behind, to mislay sth.
att länka
to link (loan word)
en kunskap
1. a knowledge; 2. a proficiency (of pupil or student); 3. [~ är makt] knowledge is power
May (month)
American (loan word)
att tyda
1. to indicate; 2. to interpret
1. special, particular; 2. specific; 3. separate; 4. [~ åklagare] special prosecutor; 5. [~t boende] sheltered accommodation
en början
a beginning
naturally, of course (ends in "-vis")
ett skäl
1. a reason, a cause, a purpose, why something is done; 2. [ge mig ett enda gott ~] give me just one good reason
1. fine (in both senses) excellent, lovely; 2. [att få ~a betyg] to get excellent grades
att genomföra
to carry out, to implement, to realize (a project, plan etc.)
as well as, just like, in the same way as; almost
1. before (prep of time); 2. in front of (prep of place); 3. ahead, prior; 4. [~ och efter] before and after