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en dom
1. a conviction, a judgement passed by a court (law); 2. a cathedral
en risk
1. a risk; 2. [det finns en risk för att + clause] there is a risk of / that; 3. [en betydande ~] a significant risk
1. simple, easy, plain (e.g. food, dress); 2. single (e.g. ticket for one direction only)
1. at all; 2. [inget besvär ~] no trouble at all
ett pris
1. a prize; 2. a price; 3. [till varje ~] at any price, at all costs, at any cost
att räkna
1. to calculate; 2. to do arithmetic; 3. to count; 4. to reckon (with)
att beskriva
to describe
1. home; 2. [att köra ~] to drive home; 3. [att ta ~ spelet] to win the game
att möta
1. to meet (s.o.); 2. to face, to encounter (e.g. difficult situations)
1. as, such, like, such as; 2. [ett klimat ~ vårt] a climate like ours
en idé
an idea (loan word)
ett gram
1. a gramme, a gram; 2. [mindre än 53 ~] less than 53 grammes (loan word)
1. former, last, late, earlier; 2. [~ veckan] last week
en tjänst
1. a service, a favour; 2. a post, duty, appointment, office
att heta
1. to be called; 2. [vad ~er han?] what's his name?; 2. (impersonal verb) [det ~er i lagen] the law says; 3. [det ~er att] it is said that, allegedly
en kultur
a culture (loan word)
att äta
1. to eat; 2. [att ~ p-piller] to take the (contraceptive) pill
ett syfte
1. a purpose; 2. [i militärt ~] for military purposes
en princip
a principle (loan word)
att flytta
1. to move (house); 2. to move sth. to another place; 3. [hon ~de hemifrån igår] she moved out of her parents’ house yesterday
1. out, outside (location); 2. [~ på restaurangen] out at a restaurant; [~ på gatan] out on the street; [~ på havet] out at sea
att utgöra
to constitute, to form
en politiker
a politician (loan word)
1. easy, lightweight; 2. [att ha ~ för språk] to find it easy to learn languages
en förälder
a parent