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att fatta
1. to grasp, to hold, 2. [att ~ tag i ngt] to get hold of sth.; 3. to understand; 4. [~ar du vad jag menar?] do you understand what I mean?; 5. [att ~ sig] to pull oneself together, to compose oneself
en jord
1. a soil, earth; 2. an earth, a world (as in our planet); 3. a piece of land
en känsla
a feeling
en förändring
1. a change, an alteration, a variation; 2. [en klimat~] a climate change
att nämna
to mention, to name
unfortunately (not: "dessvärre")
individual, single, private
1. right, correct; 2. [att ha ~] to be right (about sth.); 3. [du hade ~] you were right (particle)
att be
1. to beg, to ask, to request; 2. [att ~ om ursäkt] to apologize
en punkt
1. a dot, a point; 2. a period (punctuation); 3. a point, matter; 4. a clause, a paragraph
en ändring
1. an alteration (e.g. of clothes); 2. a modification, a revision; 3. a change, a transformation; 4. [en adress~] a change of address
en mission
a mission (loan word)
en kommission
a commission (loan word)
en ort
1. a place; 2. a village, a district, a neighbourhood; 3. [på ~ och ställe] on the spot, there and then, on site
att anta
to assume
trots att
despite (followed by a clause)
ett spel
1. a game; 2. [ett dator~] a computer game
ett språk
1. a language; 2. [ett främmande ~] a foreign language
att föreslå
to suggest, to propose
1. throughout, through (often used after a word referring to a time period); 2. [hela natten ~] all night long, throughout the night
att undra
to wonder
1. own, of my own (neuter); 2. [att starta ~] to start your own business
ett möte
1. a meeting (e.g. business, or of a serious nature); 2. [ett affärs~] a business meeting
en mat
1. a food; 2. [en kvälls~] an evening meal; 3. [snabb~] fast food, convenience food; 4. [att handla ~] to go food shopping, to shop for groceries