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en gräns
a border (e.g. between countries)
att lyssna
1. to listen; 2. [~ på mig nu!] listen to me now!
att delta
1. to participate, to take part in, to attend; 2. to join in
ett samarbete
a collaboration, a partnership
1. otherwise, or else; 2. by the way, incidentally; 3. [~ dör du!] or else you’ll die!
att falla
1. to fall; 2. [att ~ sig] to happen, to happen by chance, to be
1. near, close; 2. [en mycket ~ vän] a very close friend
ett rum
1. a room; 2. [~met var lågt i tak] the room had a low ceiling
1. approximately, roughly; 2. [~ samma sak] roughly the same thing
att starta
1. to take off (flying); 2. to start a journey, to set off; 3. to start, to launch, to set up
att inse
1. to see, to perceive, to understand; 2. to realize, to become aware; 3. [jag ~er fullkomligt att] I fully realize that
ett hov
a court (of a king or queen)
att bidra
to contribute
en död
1. a dead person; 2. a death, a demise
att luta
to lean
ett öga
1. an eye; 2. [med blotta ~t] with the naked eye
1. certainly, undoubtedly; 2. most likely, probably; 3. safely; 4. securely, steadily, firmly
ett ämne
1. a subject (at school), a field; 2. a substance
en socialdemokrat
a social democrat
ett projekt
1. a project; 2. [att genomföra ett ~] to carry out a project
other, remaining