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partly (usually used in the sense of "on the one hand X, on the other hand Y)
framför allt
above all, especially
positive (loan word)
funny (in both senses, i.e. amusing and strange), entertaining, comical
en port
1. a front door; 2. a street door; 3. a gate, a gateway; 4. a porthole; 5. [helvetets ~ar] the gates of hell
att bero
1. to depend; 2. [det ~r på] it depends
en kropp
1. a body; 2. [~sspråk] body language
att minnas
1. to remember, to recall; 2. [om jag ~ rätt] if I recall correctly
en handling
1. an action, a deed; 2. a plot, action (of a story); 3. a document; 4. [id-~ar] identification documents
att rösta
1. to vote (e.g. in an election, or poll of some kind); 2. [att ~ på ngn] to vote for s.o.
real, proper
en rapport
a report, e.g. a news report
en lösning
1. a solution (in both senses); 2. [bara en ~ på problemet] just one solution to the problem
personal (loan word)
att kommentera
to comment (loan word)
som att
1. like, as if, as; 2. [det är/var ~ + infinitiv] it is/was like + -ing 3. [det är ~ tala till en vägg ] it’s like talking to a wall
att gilla
to like
att bryta
1. to break; 2. to speak with a (foreign) accent; 3. [han ~er på tyska] he has a German accent
en hjälp
1. a help; 2. [tack för ~en!] thanks for your help!
att innehålla
1. to contain, to include; 2. to withhold (e.g. a payment)
ett tillfälle
1. an opportunity; 2. an occasion; 3. [vid flera ~en] on several occasions
inte ens
not even
known, famous