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en forskning
a research
en kraft
1. an energy, a power, a force; 2. strength; 3. a person doing a job, a worker (not a loan word)
helt enkelt
quite simply
ett brott
1. a crime (specific incident); 2. a breach (of etiquette); 3. a (bone) fracture; 5. [att begå (ett) ~] to commit a crime
by way of example, for example (not "till exempel")
en röst
1. a voice; 2. a vote; 3. [med låg ~] in a low voice, quietly; [med hög ~] in a loud voice, loudly
att bjuda
1. to offer, to serve, to entertain; 2. to ask, to invite (s.o. to sth.); 3. to treat (s.o. to sth.); 4. to bid, to make an offer (auction, card game)
till och med
1. up to and including; 2. even (contrary to expectations)
att hävda
to maintain, to claim, to assert, to argue (formal, stronger than "att påstå")
att hamna
to land, to end up
en effekt
1. an effect, a result; 2. (technical) power; 3. [~er] effects, belongings, property; 4. [kvarglömda ~er] lost property
en enhet
a unit
det vill säga
that is, i.e., namely
en kontakt
1. a contact; 2. (electric) a contact; a plug, a wall socket; 3. [att ta ~ med] to get in touch with, to contact (loan word)
en takt
1. a rate; 2. a pace; 3. a beat; 4. a tact, a tactfulness; 5. [det är ~er i henne] she is full of pep
ett värde
a value, a worth
en förutsättning
1. a prerequisite, a requirement; 2. a condition
en sats
1. a clause (grammar); 2. a batch; 3. a run, a jump; 4. a movement (in music); 5. a typeface
en medlemsstat
a member state
att hinna
1. to accomplish, to get done; 2. to have the time to do sth., to manage to do sth.; 3. to get to a place on time; 4. [att ~ med tåget] to catch the train
en sanning
1. a truth; 2. [att tala ~] to tell the truth
en religion
a religion (loan word)
en källa
1. a source; 2. [en ständig ~ till bekymmer] a constant source of worry
att må
to feel (of health)
en kostnad
1. a cost; 2. an outlay, an expense; 3. a charge: 4. [rese~er] travelling expenses