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en medborgare
1. a citizen; 2. [han blev svensk ~] he became a Swedish citizen
ett förhållande
a relationship (not a loan word)
en far
a father
en miljard
a billion
en ungdom
1. a young person (male or female); 2. youth (i.e. the time when one was young), adolescence
att släppa
1. to let go, to release, to set free; 2. to drop, to let go of; 3. to give up, to abandon; 4. to come off
1. solely, entirely, exclusively; 2. merely; 3. simply; 4. wholly; 5. [det vore ~ glädjande] it would give me nothing but pleasure
ett drag
1. a pull, a tug; 2. a move (e.g. in a game); 3. a feature, a characteristic; 4. a touch; 5. a draught (of air), a gulp (of a drink)
en verklighet
a reality (not a loan word)
en författare
an author
en tillgång
1. an access; 2. an availability, a supply; 3. an asset, a resource
1. necessary; 2. [ett ~t ont] a necessary evil
1. full, crowded; 2. complete, whole, perfect; 3. drunk
en frihet
a freedom
att passa
1. to look after, to watch over (children, machines); 2. to fit, to suit (e.g. clothes), to be convenient (e.g. time); 3. to pass (a ball)
1. local; 2. [~tidningarna] the local newspapers
additional, further
att öppna
to open
att införa
to introduce (a measure, a product, a new law etc)
en ledare
a leader
en mamma
1. a mom, a mum, a mummy; 2. [att vara ~ledig] to be on maternity leave
ett sammanhang
1. a context; 2. [det beror på ~et] it depends on the context (not a loan word)
en svensk
a male Swede
1. at home; 2. [borta bra men ~ bäst] there's no place like home
en produkt
a product (loan word)