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thereafter (afterwards)
en match
a match, e.g. a football match (loan word)
en tro
a faith, a belief (in religious sense)
1. entirely, completely; 2. [byxorna är ~ för stora] these trousers are far too long
1. easy; 2. light (not weighing much); 3. slight, not serious; 4. [hon har ~ för språk] she finds it easy to learn languages
en uppfattning
1. an understanding; 2. a perception (via senses); 3. an interpretation; 5. [enligt min ~] in my opinion
en demokrat
a democrat (loan word)
ett bolag
1. a company, a firm; 2. [System~et] a state-owned Swedish chain store selling alcohol containing more than 3.5% alcohol
en erfarenhet
an experience (e.g. work experience)
en kritik
a criticism
en grad
1. a degree, an extent; 2. a degree (as in temperature or angle)
en jude
a Jew
1. beautiful; 2. [en ~ dag] one fine day, one of these fine days (i.e. at some point in the future)
att erbjuda
to offer
en kamp
1. a struggle; 2. a fight, a battle; 3. [~ för överlevnad] fight for survival
en period
a period, a length of time (loan word)
modern (loan word)
en spelare
a player
en elev
a pupil, a student (loan word from French)
en utredning
1. an inquiry, an investigation, a report, an investigation committee; 2. [en mord~] a murder enquiry
att ingå
1. to be included, to be part of; 2. [det ~r i hans skyldigheter​ att ...] it is one of his duties to ...
en kung
a king (not: "en konung")
att bestå
1. to consist (of sth.); 2. to last