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en katt
a cat
att konstatera
1. to establish (i.e. a fact); 2. to confirm, to state
1. there, thither (movement away from self); 2. [att sätta ~ någon] to put someone in prison; to frame someone, to set someone up
clearly [~ och tydligt]
1. present, current; 2. ruling, currently in office; 3. [i ditt ~ tillstånd] in your current state
att styra
1. to steer, to navigate; 2. to govern, to rule, to control
att förlora
1. to be defeated, to lose (e.g. a game); 2. to lose sth.
1. white; 2. [det ~a huset] the White House
en klocka
1. a watch, a clock; 2. a bell; 3. [en väckar~] an alarm clock
att påstå
1. to claim, to allege, to assert; 2. to state (more informal, not as strong as "att hävda")
en skatt
1. a tax; 2. [en ~ebetalare] a taxpayer
att besluta
1. to decide; 2. to decide sth.; 3. [att ~ sig] to make one's mind up
en befolkning
a population
att avse
1. to be aimed at, directed towards; 2. [~dd för mig] intended for me
en ro
1. a state of being undisturbed; 2. a peace, a quiet, a calm; 3. [lugn och ~] peace and quiet
private (not public)
ett steg
1. a step; 2. [han tog ett ~ tillbaka] he took a step back
en art
a kind, a species
att stödja
to support
1. evil; 2. [det ~a ögat] the evil eye
en plan
1. a flat open space; 2. [fotbolls~] football pitch, soccer ground; 3. [fotbolls~en] (slang) the park; 3. a drawing, a blueprint; 4. a map; 5. a plan
en resa
1. a trip, a journey, an outing, a holiday; 2. [trevlig ~!] have a nice trip!; 3. (law) an offence, a conviction
1. except for, apart from; 2. [alla ~ mig] everyone but me; 3. [~ sig av glädje] beside oneself with joy
en hund
1. a dog; 2. [en vakt~] a watchdog
en syn
1. (an) eyesight, vision; 2. a sight, a spectacle; 3. an opinion, a view; 4. a vision, a hallucination; 5. a survey