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att glömma
1. to forget; 2. to leave something behind by accident
ett avtal
1. an agreement; 2. a legally binding agreement, a contract; 3. [ett hyres~] a rental agreement, a lease
en lek
1. a game (played by children) 2. a deck of cards
1. fun, cool; 2. [vad ~!] How cool! How nice!
en natt
1. a night; 2. [i ~] a) tonight, this evening; b) last night
att förändra
to change, to modify
att ange
to indicate, to state, to mention; to report (someone, a crime)
something, anything (NOT: "något")
of course, it stands to reason
en individ
an individual (loan word)
att älska
to love
en motion
1. a physical exercise; 2. a (political) motion (loan word)
1. glad, happy; 2. [~ påsk] happy Easter
1. down, downwards; 2. [att ladda ~] to download; 3. [att varva ~] to change down (gears in a car), to take it easier
en dator
a computer
en miljö
1. an environment; 2. [~ombyte] a change of scenery (loan word from French)
en ek
an oak
at least
att presentera
to present (loan word)
att stanna
1. to stay, to remain; 2. to stop
att byta
1. to switch, to exchange sth.; 2. to change (places, clothes, etc.) 3. to replace sth.
ett alternativ
an alternative (loan word)
en minut
1. a minute; 2. [klockan var fem ~er i två] it was 1.55, it was five to two (loan word)
1. nothing, anything; 2. [det gör ~!] it doesn't matter! never mind! it's quite all right!
att uppleva
to experience (an event, adventure)