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att samla
1. to collect, to gather, to organize; 2. [att ~ sig] to pull oneself together, to compose oneself
en bakgrund
1. a background (i.e. a personal history); 2. a backdrop, a setting
ett skott
a shot
en ö
1. an island; 2. [en öde ~] a desert island
en kärlek
1. a love; 2. [~ vid första ögonkastet] love at first sight
en metod
a method (loan word)
1. sure, certain; 2. [jag är ~ på att hon kommer] I am sure she'll come
en borgare
a citizen, (hint), a burgher
en gud
a god
en insats
1. an effort, an achievement, a contribution, a performance (sport); 2. a stake, a deposit (in a bank account); 3. an insertion, a liner, a cartridge
en kontroll
1. a check, a check-up, an inspection; 2. (a) control; 3. a checkpoint; 4. [en hälso~] a health check-up (loan word)
att lösa
1. to solve (a problem); 2. to dissolve sth. in a solution
att kolla
to look, to check (colloq.)
att fylla
1. to fill; 2. [att ~ år] to have a birthday; 3. [jag ~er år idag] it's my birthday today
en bestämmelse
1. a regulation; 2. a destiny, a mission
ett ris
a rice (loan word)
att drabba
1. to affect; 2. to hit, to strike
ett nät
1. a net (e.g. a fishing net, a spider's web etc) 2. the internet; 3. [att lägga ut på ~et] to post online
en teknik
1. a technology; 2. a technique, a method (loan word)
en resurs
a resource (loan word)
ett försök
1. an attempt, a try; 2. an effort; 3. an experiment, a trial (in medical sense); 4. [det är värt ett ~] it's worth a try
att fara
1. to go, to travel; 2. to move very quickly; 3. to fare, to do well or badly with sth.