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att tjäna
1. to earn (money), to gain; 2. to serve; 3. [vad ~r det till?] what's the point of that? what purpose does that serve?
ett argument
an argument (loan word)
att behandla
1. to treat (patients), to deal with (people); 2. to discuss, to consider
1. clean, tidy; 2. pure; [~t siden] pure silk, 100% silk; 3. genuine; 4. mere, sheer; [~ lättja] sheer laziness
en fru
1. a lady, a married woman; 2. a housewife; 3. a mistress
1. sick; 2. [att vara ~skriven] to have been given a sick note
istället för
instead of
ett våld
(a) violence
att utföra
to carry out, to execute (a concrete piece of work)
en ställning
1. a position; 2. a status; 3. [hur är ~en?] (sport) what's the score?; 4. [tand~] braces (not a loan word)
1. first, in front, foremost; principally, chiefly; 3. [att ligga ~] to be in the lead (sports)
att räcka
1. to reach, to hand over; 2. to suffice, to be enough
1. better; 2. [allt ~] better and better; 3. [att vara ~ än vanligt] to be better than usual; 4. [ännu ~] even better
att fundera
to think about, to reflect, to ponder, to consider
1. certainly, no doubt; 2. probably; 3. [vi har ~ träffats förr] I am sure we've met before
en sommar
1. a summer; 2. [på ~en] in summer, in the summer (general meaning); 3. [i ~as] last summer, the summer before this one
en rörelse
1. a movement, a motion, a gesture; 2. a movement (political, etc); 3. a business, a company; 4. an agitation, an emotion
en kund
a customer
ett villkor
1. a condition, a term; 2. [på ett ~] on one condition
1. highly; 2. loudly, aloud; 3. [att läsa ~] to read aloud
en president
a president (loan word)
however (NOT: dock, ändå or däremot)
en händelse
1. a thing which happens, an event, an occurrence
att uppstå
1. to occur, to come up; 2. [ett fel har ~tt] en error has occurred
1. back, backwards; 2. (as particle used with verbs) [att ta ~] to take back, to withdraw, to retract; 3. [sedan lång tid ~] for a long time, since a long time ago