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att acceptera
to accept (loan word)
ett huvud
a head
ett sök
1. a search via a search engine on the internet; 2. a scenting, a tracking (hunting term)
så kallad
1. in front of; 2. [~ teven] in front of the TV
en ände
1. an end (in a literal sense, e.g. of a rope); 2. a behind, a bottom (of a person, as in "back end")
att bilda
1. to form, to make, to shape; 2. to educate, to inform (oneself); 3. [att ~ sig en uppfattning om] to form an opinion of
en orsak
1. a cause; 2. [ingen ~!] no problem! 3. [~en till] the cause of
att försvinna
to disappear, to vanish
ett fel
1. a mistake, an error, a fault; 2. [han gjorde flera ~] he made several mistakes; 3. a flaw, an imperfection, a defect; 4. (a) fault, blame; 5. [vems är ~et?] who is to blame?, whose fault is it?
ett innehåll
a content
en natur
1. a nature, a temperament, a character; 2. a countryside, a landscape, a nature, a scenery (loan word)
ett begrepp
1. a concept; 2. [jag har inget ~ om politik] I have no clue about politics
för att
in order to / so that
en konflikt
a conflict (loan word)
thank you
ett djur
an animal
en chans
a chance (loan word)
samtidigt som
at the same time as
democratic (loan word)
1. wrongly, wrong; 2. [att höra ~] to hear (sth.) wrongly, to mishear; 3. [jag hade ~] I was wrong
ett läge
1. a position (where you are), 2. a situation (how you are); 3. [hur är ~t?] what's up? how's life? (etc).
att sprida
to spread
en växt
a plant