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1. in addition to, aside from, apart from; 2. with the exception of, other than
i samband med
in conjunction with; in relation to
piece, unit: each
ett utskott
a committee, a parliamentary committee (not a loan word)
en muslim
a Muslim
en ordning
1. an orderliness, tidiness; 2. a way of doing things; 3. an order
ett uppdrag
a commission, an assignment
en mark
1. (a) ground; 2. a (piece of) land; 3. (a) soil; 4. a field; 5. [jakt~er] hunting grounds
en säkerhet
1. a certainty; 2. a safety, a security; 3. a confidence, an assurance; 4. [med all ~] without a doubt, in all certainty
en linje
a line in general sense (but also for telephones, public transport)
en bank
a bank (loan word)
att önska
to wish
of course, it's a given
en studie
1. a study; 2. [den mest omfattande ~n] the most comprehensive study
en fredag
a Friday
en lärare
a teacher
state-owned, government-led, public (as opposed to private)
en söndag
1. a Sunday; 2. [var var du i ~s kväll?] where were you last Sunday evening?
especially (loan word)
1. red; 2. [trafikljuset slog om till ~tt] the traffic lights turned red
en television
a television (loan word)
ett hot
a threat, an intimidation
ett verk
1. a work (e.g. sth. produced by a writer or artist), a creation, an achievement; 2. civil service department; 3. a works (e.g. factory); 4. a mechanism (e.g. of a watch)
att publicera
to publish (loan word)
1. wrong; 2. [att uppge ~ adress] to give (a/the) wrong address; 3. [att vakna på ~ sida] to get out of the wrong side of the bed