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en stund
a short period of time, a while
att tillhöra
to belong to, to be a member of, to be among (a group of sth.)
att omfatta
1. to include, comprise, contain; 2. to comprehend; 3. to cover; 4. to embrace (figuratively, e.g. new ideas)
ett material
a material (loan word)
en pelare
a column, a pillar
ett hjärta
a heart
1. hardly, barely, scarcely; 2. exclamation of disbelief
att befinna sig
1. to be; 2. to be situated; 3. to feel
en part
1. a portion, a share; 2. a party (e.g. one of the sides in a legal battle)
nice, pleasant
en höst
an autumn
att skilja
1. to distinguish, to tell the difference (between); 2. to separate, to sever
1. even; 2. [du har ju inte ~ försökt] you haven't even tried
en förmåga
1. an ability, power, capacity; 2. an aptitude, a talent, capability; 3. [efter bästa ~] to the best of (my, her, etc.) ability
att döda
to kill
ett stånd
1. a stall, a booth; 2. a state, a condition (e.g. of object, such as furniture)
att peka
to point (at)
en bedömning
a judgement, an assessment, an evaluation
att ringa
1. to ring, to call; 2. [att ~ ett samtal] to make a phone call
att betrakta
to look at, to contemplate
en by
a village
1. from the outside; 2. according to, on the basis of
en brist
1. a lack, a scarcity, a want; 2. [i ~ på bättre] for lack (want) of something better
att hänga
1. to hang; 2. [~er du med?] du you follow me?; are you with me?; 3. [min dator ~er sig hela tiden!] my computer keeps freezing!
enough, sufficiently