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en måndag
1. a Monday; 2. [i ~s] last Monday; 3. [på ~] (used to refer to the present or future) on Monday, this coming Monday
1. current, present; 2. topical; 3. [det ~a läget] the current situation
1. ever; 2. [aldrig ~] never ever
att tillåta
to permit, to allow
ett universitet
1. a university; 2. [att gå på ~et] to go to university
en konsekvens
1. a consequence; 2. (a) consistency, following things through to their logical conclusion, seeing things through (loan word)
ett ställe
1. a place, (a) stead; 2. a house, a restaurant; 3. a passage (in a piece of writing); 4. [ett sommar~] a summer cottage, a second home
en majoritet
a majority (loan word)
en domstol
a court of law
en ordförande
a chairman, a president
en lördag
a Saturday
en låt
1. a song, usually referring to modern music, i.e a pop or rock song, also an instrumental; 2. [min favorit~] my favourite song
en herr
1. a gentleman; 2. [~ den och den] Mr What's-his-name
en sekvens
a sequence (loan word)
att förekomma
1. to happen, to occur; 2. to anticipate, to do something before someone else
att stoppa
1. to stop, to discontinue, to come to a standstill; 2. to be constipating; 3. to be enough; 4. to darn, to mend; 5. to fill sth. up with; 6. to put, to place
en nyhet
(a) news
en journalist
a journalist (loan word)
en kris
a crisis (loan word)
att rycka
to pull, to snatch
att trycka
1. to press; 2. to squeeze; 3. to weigh heavily (also figuratively); 4. to be too tight, to pinch; 5. to print (on paper or cloth)
considerably, significantly
att kosta
to cost
ett band
1. a tape, a band, a ribbon, a string, a conveyor belt; 2. [ett mått~] a tape measure; 3. a tie, a bond, a constraint; 4. a band, a gang; 5. a volume; 6. [att lägga ~ på (sig)] to restrain (oneself)