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now, today (not: "nu" or "idag")
ett tillstånd
1. a permit; 2. [ett uppehålls~] a residence permit; 3. a condition, a state (formal word)
1. shut, closed, to, 2. together; 3. down; 4. [~bommat] boarded up
en klass
1. a class, a grade (level in school); 2. a (social) class; 3. a classification; 4. [att gå i första ~] to be in first grade; 5. [en över~] an upper class
att uttrycka
to express (oneself)
en slutsats
1. a conclusion; 2. [att dra ~] to draw a conclusion
global (loan word)
1. middle, (right) in the middle of; 2. [~ emellan] halfway between; 3. [~ fram] right in front; 4. [~ framför ögonen på honom] right in front of his nose
en stol
a chair
effective, efficient (loan word)
att resa
to travel
att förbättra
to improve, to better
att rädda
to rescue or save (someone)
en list
1. a cunning; 2. a trick, a stratagem; 3. a strip of wood or metal, e.g. a skirting board; 4.
en relation
a relation, a relationship (loan word)
att agera
1. to act, to do sth.; 2. to perform a theatrical role; 3. to behave in a certain way
central (loan word)
en undersökning
1. an investigation, inspection, examination (by an authority, e.g. police, doctors etc); 2. a search, an inquiry; 3. a poll, a study, an analysis; 4. (a) testing
att uppnå
to reach a goal, to reach sth. abstract
ett perspektiv
a perspective (loan word)
1. additional, further; 2. more, another
1. several (people, things etc.); 2. [på ~s begäran] at the request of several people, by popular request
en krona
1. a Swedish crown (SEK); 2. a crown, a top of something; 3. [~ eller klave] heads or tails (phrased used when tossing a coin)