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att inleda
to begin, to commence (only used with nouns)
en helg
1. a weekend; 2. a holiday; 3. [trevlig ~!] have a nice weekend!
att undvika
to avoid
ett ryck
1. a whim; 2. a jerk, a pull; 3. [han vaknade med ett ~] he woke with a start
ett tryck
1. a pressure; 2. a print, a printed publication, printing, a typeset; 3. [vilket ~ det var] there was a terrific atmosphere (colloquial)
1. clearly, evidently, manifestly; 2. apparently (ends with "-en")
active (loan word)
att höja
1. to raise; 2. [att ~ ett ögonbryn] to raise an eyebrow; 3. to increase
en pappa
1. a dad, daddy; 2. [att vara ~ledig] to be on paternal leave
varken (...) eller
neither (...) nor
religious (loan word)
att råka
1. to happen to do, to accidentally do; 2. to encounter, to meet
1. real; 2. [i ~a livet] in real life
1. cleanly, purely, properly; 2. quite, completely, absolutely; 3. [~ ut sagt] to put it bluntly; 4. [det är ~ otroligt!] that's absolutely incredible!
fantastic (loan word)
fundamental (not a loan word)
att upptäcka
to discover
att erkänna
1. to admit; 2. to recognize; 3. to acknowledge
en lön
1. a salary; 2. [en ~tagare] a wage earner, a salaried employee; 3. [att ha en låg tim~] to have a low hourly pay rate
historical (loan word)
en rest
1. (a) rest; 2. a remainder; 3. [mat~er] left-overs (of a meal)
1. half; 2. [en och en ~ timme] one and a half hours
en andel
1. a share, a part; 2. a ratio
ett besök
a visit