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technical (loan word)
att kasta
to throw
en hemsida
a home page
att bedöma
to appraise, to estimate, to judge/grade, to form an opinion
en torsdag
a Thursday
en tillväxt
a growth (usually used figuratively)
en läsare
1. a reader; 2. [en webb~] a web browser
en forskare
a researcher
ett bidrag
a contribution, a benefit
en onsdag
1. a Wednesday; 2. [julafton inföll på en ~] Christmas Eve fell on a Wednesday
en vilja
a will
en sol
a sun
inte minst
not least
en analys
an analysis (loan word)
over, above (as in the position of something)
en lagstiftning
a legislation
military (loan word)
att toppa
to top (loan word)
en sort
a sort, a kind
en fördel
an advantage, a benefit
att skydda
to protect
att nyttja
to use, to make use of
att utnyttja
to exploit, to abuse, to take advantage of
en teori
a theory (loan word)