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att pågå
1. to be going on; 2. to last
en samling
1. a collection; 2. a gathering of people; 3. (a) composure
ett flertal
a majority (not a loan word)
sooner, rather, more likely, better
att försvara
to defend
en modell
a model (loan word)
1. nice, pleasant, beautiful; 2. [en ~ kille] a nice guy, a pleasant chap
ett vapen
a weapon
1. thus; 2. [~ ligger saken till] that is how the matter stands
en förening
1. an organized group of people with a specific set of aims, i.e. a club, association etc; 2. a chemical compound
att lyfta
1. to lift sth. to take money out of one's account; 2. to take off; 3. [att ~ sig] to lift oneself up; to have a facelift
en eftermiddag
an afternoon
en soldat
a soldier (loan word)
att märka
1. to notice, to pay attention to; 2. to put a mark on sth., to scar
en gemenskap
a fellowship, a community
att ösa
to pour; to scoop; to ladle
but, though, although (informal)
en styrka
1. a strength, a force; 2. [väpnade ~or] armed forces
att ersätta
1. to replace, to substitute; 2. to compensate s.o. for sth.
en kille
1. a boy, a lad; 2. a guy, a chap, a fellow; 3. a boyfriend
att ägna
1. to devote, to spend time (working on sth.); 2. to suit (a purpose); 3. [att ~ sig åt något] to dedicate one's time to sth.
regardless of
en vård
1. a care, looking after patients; 2. a treatment; 3. [~hem] nursing home, care home
en poäng
1. a point (given in a game or sporting event); 2. a credit, a mark (as in those given in school etc)