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att satsa
1. to stake, to invest; 2. [att ~ på] to put your faith in sth.; to go in for sth.; to concentrate on
en moderat
1. a moderate conservative; 2. a person who votes for or supports the ideas of the "~a Samlingspartiet"; (loan word)
att rida
to ride, as on a horse
yes (in answer to a negative question)
en tisdag
a Tuesday
commonly, generally, universally
att avsluta
1. to finish sth., to complete sth., (usually followed by nouns); 2. [att ~ samtalet] to finish a phone call
att sova
1. to sleep; 2. [har du ~it gott?] did you sleep well?
1. indoors, inside; 2. [han var så ~ på samtalet att ...] he was so engrossed by the conversation that ...; 3. [nu är tiden ~] now the time has come; 4. [~ på rätt spår] on the right track (figuratively)
en flicka
a (little) girl
1. since; 2. after; 3. when
total (loan word)
serious (not a loan word)
1. forward, up, out; 2. [han gick ~ till henne] he went up to her
ett ljus
1. a light, a candle; 2. [ett trafik~] a traffic light
en sjukdom
an illness, a disease
en unge
1. a young animal or bird; 2. (informal) a child a brat; 3. [en bus~] a little rascal
i form av
in the form of, in the shape of; in terms of
en vikt
1. a weight; 2. an importance; 3. [jag inser fullkomligt ~en av] I am fully aware of the importance of
1. rich; 2. [hon är ~ som ett troll] she's rolling in money (literally: 'she is as rich as a troll')
en region
a region (loan word)
ett samtal
1. a conversation, a discussion; 2. [att ringa ett ~] to make a telephone call
negative (loan word)
1. a lot, much; 2. [vi har ~ att göra] we have a lot to do