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i år
this year
i gång
1. in motion, started, moving; 2. [jag kan inte få ~ bilen] I can't get the car started
en vändning
1. a turn, a twist (metaphorical); 2. a change; 3. [en ~ till det bättre] a change for the better; 4. [en ~ till det sämre] a change for the worse
antingen (...) eller
either (...) or
att föda
to give birth to
back, again
en arbetare
a worker
att skjuta
1. to shoot, to fire; 2. to shove, to push
en tradition
1. a tradition; 2. [värna om gamla ~er] to preserver, to uphold old traditions (loan word)
att hämta
1. to fetch, to get, to collect; 2. to download
en församling
1. an assembly, meeting; 2. a church congregation, a church community, a parish
ett hav
1. a sea, an ocean; 2. [Medel~et] the Mediterranean Sea
en energi
1. an energy; 2. [icke förnybara ~källor] non-renewable sources of energy (loan word)
1. broad, wide; 2. [en ~ klyfta] a wide gap
vad gäller
1. at, with regard to, regarding, as far as (X) is concerned; 2. [~ saken?] what is this about? what can I do for you?
att påpeka
to point out
att bättra
1. [att ~ på] to improve (sth.); 2. [att ~ sig] to improve oneself, to get better
att skaffa
1. to get, to obtain; 2. [att ~ barn] to have children, to start a family
att utgå
1. to start out (from), to come (from); 2. [att ~ från] to assume; 3. to be excluded; 4. to run out, expire; 5. [att ~ med] to be payable on
all (formal, only used in written Swedish)
att stärka
1. to strengthen; 2. [att ~ sig] to fortify oneself; 3. to starch
en läkare
a doctor (not a loan word)
ett grepp
1. a grip, a grasp; 2. [ett fast ~ om] a firm grip on
1. stuck, immobile, fast; 2. [att köra ~] to get stuck, to come to a standstill, to be stuck fast