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1. hi, hey; 2. [~ ~] bye-bye!; 3. [~ då] bye! see you!
att utsätta
1. to expose, to subject (s.o. to sth.); 2. [att ~ sig för ngt.]; 3. [han ~s för rasism] he was the victim of racism
1. exciting; 2. [vad ~!] how exciting!
1. quickly; 2. soon [så ~ som möjligt]
en sikt
1. a visibility, a view; 2. a term, run; 3. a sight; 4. a sieve, a strainer; 5. [på lång ~] in the long run, in the long term
en revolution
a revolution (loan word)
ett brev
1. a letter (as in a letter to someone); 2. [sju ~ kom fram i tid] seven letters arrived on time
en personal
1. a personnel, a staff; 2. [blåljus~] emergency services personnel, i.e fire, police, ambulance (loan word)
en skada
an injury, a harm, a damage
1. badly, poorly, not well; 2. [tar inte ~ upp!] don't take this the wrong way, don't take offence, no offence meant!
att kämpa
1. to fight, to struggle, to strive; 2. [~ på!] keep on fighting!
far too, overly
ett tecken
a sign, a symbol
en siffra
1. a numeral; 2. a figure; 3. a digit, a number; 4. [tittar~or] viewing figures (i.e. number of people who watched a TV show)
clearly [klart och ~]
1. still, yet (time); 2. additionally; 3. even (+ comparative); 4. [~ bättre] even better
1. hard, severely, very; 2. tight, firm; 3. [byxorna sitter ~] these trousers are too tight
absolutely (loan word)
att eka
to echo
English (referring to the nationality of someone, not the language)
en praktik
1. (an) experience, practice in doing sth., (a) practical work experience; 2. a practice (e.g. of a doctor); 3. [i ~en] in practice
1. presumably (not: "antagligen")
att hoppa
1. to jump; 2. [att ~ över något] to skip sth., to leave sth. out
en morgon
1. a morning; 2. [god ~] good morning; 3. [en sov~] a lie-in, a late start
en tjej
1. an older girl, teen; 2. a young woman; 3. [~kompisar] girlfriends