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1. strange, weird; 2. (used to describe odd physical sensations) [jag har en ~ känsla i magen] I have a weird feeling in my stomach
en union
1. a union (e.g. of states); 2. [Europeiska ~en] the European Union (loan word)
att avgöra
1. to decide sth.; 2. to settle, to conclude; 3. to determine; 4. [~t alltså!] so that's decided then!
en chef
1. a boss, a superior, a head, a principal; 2. a manager, a director; 3. an employer (loan word from French)
ett vis
a manner, a way (the noun is often added onto words to make an adverb)
en strid
1. a fight, a struggle, a battle; 2. a conflict, dispute; 3. (i ~ med) in contravention of; 4. [klart för ~!] action stations!
att sända
1. to send; 2. to broadcast
att missa
to miss sth. (e.g. a train, an opportunity, a chance)
att bedriva
1. to do, pursue, engage in (an activity); 2. to operate, to run (a business)
etcetera (loan word from Latin)
att anföra
1. to be in command, to lead, to guide; 2. to state, to allege, to give reasons, to present evidence (law); 3. to quote sth.
1. here, hither (movement towards self); 2. [kom ~!] come here!
en berättelse
1. a story, a tale (a thing which is told)
en produktion
a production (loan word)
ett kapitel
a chapter (loan word)
att hindra
1. to stop, to prevent; 2. [försök inte ~ mig] don't try and stop me; 3. [att ~ någon från att göra något] to stop or prevent somebody from doing something; 4. to hinder, to obstruct, to block
en konst
1. an art; 2. [samtida ~] contemporary art
1. peculiar; different; 2. [han är lite ~] he's a bit strange; 3. special; 4. specific, particular (loan word)
ett allvar
1. [att ta något på ~] to take sth. seriously; 2. a seriousness, gravity, enormity, severity
1. green; 2. [när trafikljuset slog om till ~t] when the traffic lights turned green
en vår
a spring (as in season)
att meddela
to inform, to notify (not a loan word)