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att tillämpa
to apply, to practice, to put into practice
ett skydd
1. a protection, a shelter, a refuge; 2. a defence; 3. a security, a cover
so far, until now
en position
a position (loan word)
en behandling
a treatment
1. comprehensive, extensive, widespread; 2. [den mest ~ studien] the most comprehensive study
en skog
1. a forest; 2. [dra åt ~en!] go to hell!
att kritisera
to criticize (loan word)
en förklaring
1. an explanation; 2. a declaration, a statement
att springa
to run
1. extremely, unbelievably; 2. [ett brev kan betyda ~ mycket] a letter can mean such a lot
att uppfatta
1. to understand; to perceive, to hear; 2. to regard; 3. to interpret; 4. [~t, Bravo 6] Roger that, Bravo 6; copy that, Bravo 6; 5. [är det ~?] have you got that?; is that understood?
ett foto
a photo (loan word)
en islam
an Islam (loan word)
att stänga
to close
en aning
1. an idea; 2. [jag har ingen ~ !] I don’t have a clue, no idea!; 3. a small amount, a touch, a trace; 4. [en ~ bättre] ever so slightly better
ett försvar
a defense
en meter
a meter (loan word)
en evolution
an evolution (loan word)
en funktion
1. a function; 2. [hissen är ur ~] the lift is out of order, the elevator is not working (loan word)
en dotter
a daughter
en värdering
1. a valuation, an appraisal; 2. [han har andra ~ar] he has a different set of values
att råda
1. to advise, to recommend; 2. to rule; 3. to prevail, to exist; 4. [det ~er inget tvivel] there is no doubt
en ersättning
1. a compensation, a reimbursement; 2. (insurance) damages; 3. a replacement, a substitute