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att slippa
1. to not have to, to get away (with not doing sth.); 2. to get away from; 3. to sneak off
1. self-evident, self-explanatory; 2. obviously; 3. naturally
suitable, appropriate
ett ting
1. a thing, an object; 2. a matter; 3. (legal term) district court sessions
ett minne
1. a recollection, a memory; 2. [i manna~] in living memory; 3. [det var ett ~ blott] it was just a memory, it was but a memory
en strategi
a strategy (loan word)
att dyka
1. to dive; 2. [att ~ upp] a) to show up, to turn up, to appear; b) to emerge, to surface
att orka
to have strength, power or stamina enough to do sth.
att kontrollera
1. to have control over sth.; 2. to check (loan word)
att planera
to plan (loan word)
en färg
1. a colour; 2. [alla regnbågens ~er] all the colours of the rainbow
att lova
to promise
att citera
to cite, to quote, to quote from (loan word)
financial (loan word)
constantly (not a loan word)
ett spår
1. a trace (a mark left by something that has passed by; 2. a rail track; 3. [en ~vagn] a tram
1. cold; 2. [det ~a kriget] the Cold War
en allians
an alliance (loan word)
en faktor
a factor (loan word)
en kvalitet
a quality (loan word)
1. weak, feeble, faint; 2. [på ~ värme] on low heat; 3. [att vara ~ för] to have a weakness for, to be fond of
att sköta
to care for, to nurse
1. up, upwards, upstairs; 2. [~ och ned] up and down; 3. out; 4. functions like the prefix un-: [att knyta ~] to untie; [att packa ~] to unpack; 5. open, [att slå ~ dörren] to open the door