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on the contrary, vice versa
att notera
to note (loan word)
en nation
1. a nation; 2. [Förenta ~erna] the United Nations (loan word)
att sänka
1. to lower, to sink; 2. to reduce; 3. [att ~ blodtrycket] to bring down your blood pressure
ett ärende
1. an errand; 2. a commission; 3. a message; 4. a case (also criminal), a matter
en givare
a donator, a donor (not a loan word)
en kull
a litter (of baby animals)
1. recently, newly; 2. [~ anlände invandrare] newly arrived immigrants; 3. [tills helt ~] until quite recently
en rättelse
a correction
partially, partly, in part
att medföra
1. to bring sth, to carry sth.; 2. to result in sth. to bring about sth.
att ifrågasätta
to doubt, to question, to challenge
för övrigt
1. by the way, incidentally; 2. what's more, besides, moreover; 3. otherwise; 4. in other respects
ett län
a county, an administrative province
en gata
a street
1. aware; 2. [att vara ~ om att] to be aware that; 3. [att vara fullt ~ om något] to be fully aware of sth.
en serie
a series (loan word)
fair, adequate, reasonable, decent
for, because (formal, usually only written)
en invandrare
an immigrant (not a loan word)
en dörr
1. a door; 2. [att slå upp ~en] to open the door, to throw open the door; 3. [att slå igen ~en] to slam the door closed
ett direktiv
a directive (loan word)
att stiga
1. to step, to tread; 2. to climb, to go upwards; 3. to rise, to increase; 4. [han ~er upp tidigt] he gets up early
att tiga
to say nothing, to keep quiet
en fot
1. a foot; 2. [till ~s] on foot; 3. [att gå till ~s] to walk, to go on foot